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An online writers group - writers supporting writers.
Welcome to the Library of the Four Winds, a network of communities designed to provide inspiration.

Library of the Four Winds – Creative Writer – is an online writers’ group for writers of original work.

To gather aspiring authors together to discuss problems, ask questions, and basically help motivate the writing process. A place to post work for others to see. If it involves original work, you'll find it here.

Community calendar

There are a number of regular events designed to inspire our members and we hope you find them useful.

Monday - Round the table - Members are encouraged to talk about their current projects and progress, ask questions, brag about their word counts and achievements. Tell us what you've been up to, before we pounce on you and ask what happened to that novel, or how that piece of poetry is going. We like to hear how you are all doing.

Tuesday - Blockbuster - Stuck in your writing? Don't know what to write at all? Need a direction? The Blockbuster is designed to give you that start. Sometimes all we need to do is sit down and write and the words will start to flow. Take the challenge and let your muse loose.

Wednesday - Outside the box - a puzzle or two to help you think outside of the box.

Thursday - Weird word - English is a wonderful language, it is full of some of the strangest words. Expand your vocabulary to include the weird. Use the word as a challenge to write or simply as a curiosity.

Friday - Question - The question can be anything...about writing, characterisation, a challenge, anything that sparks either amusement or writing.

Saturday - Welcome mat - A welcome to all our new members that week.

SundayGrammar quiz - A quick quiz to keep those grammar neurons buzzing.

Library Rules

- Members are encouraged to post regularly, though it is not a requirement, a community is nothing without participation. Also regular posting of work can be a source of motivation.

- All works submitted to this group must contain a header and the work itself must be behind an LJ-CUT.

The header must contain the following:

Title: (the title of the work)
Author: (who wrote it - LJ name, handle, nickname, whatever the author goes by)
Genre: (Sci-fi, fantasy, crime, chick lit, general, romance, etc)
Rating: (G - General, PG - Parental Guidance recommended, PG-13 - not suitable for under 13, R - recommended for mature audiences, NC-17 - not recommended for under 17, please err on the side of caution)
Warnings: (sexual situations, violence, blood, etc, anything that may be of concern to the reader)
Critique: (Yes/No, what level - quick look through to give it your worst)
Summary: (short summary - One to three lines of what the work is about)
Authors note: (thanking anyone who helped you with the work, anything else you might like the reader to know).

- Creative Writer is a fully moderated/friends only community. It is highly recommended that members posting original work lock their posts to the community for their own protection.

- Please keep all entries free and clean of mature/inappropriate content. There are children amongst our members. Please conduct yourself appropriately. The posting of adult material is not condoned. Inappropriate material will not pass moderator's review - the piece will be rejected with a request to edit. Profanity should only be used in dialogue and only if critical to the character. Any graphic sexuality or violence will be deleted immediately or will not pass moderation review. If you are unsure, please feel free to approach one of our moderators for advice.

- Please post entire works, not links to works on other journals. Link only posts will be rejected during moderation.

- Fan fiction, or works not of the members own creation, are not accepted here. For fan fiction please visit libraryofwinds. For plagiarism, see the nearest law courts.

- As a writer do not expect feedback. It is not guaranteed and it is not mandatory.
- As a reader, please give feedback freely. We all enjoy acknowledgement and as this community is designed for support, it should be noted that nothing motivates more than constructive feedback.
- As a giver of feedback please be honest and constructive, but gentle. Consider others feelings.
- As a receiver of feedback, remember to thank the reader for taking the time to read your work.
- Posts/comments complaining about lack of feedback and demanding attention will be deleted and the member warned. If unpleasantness ensues, the member will be kicked out.

In summary, do unto others what you would wish them to do unto you.
Give and you will be given.
Write and you will receive.

But if you expect...
Expect disappointment.

If you demand...
You demand ignorance.

For a gift can only be given by a giver
And received by the same.
- The Librarian does not speak chat speak, so if you want to be understood, proper English or other language is a good idea.

- Play nice, windcharmer carries a yard long steel ruler around with her, misbehave and expect painful knuckles.

- The Librarian reserves the right to ban and/or kick out any malcontents. Please play nice or she will call in a tornado.

- All queries to windcharmer

All in all, remember, we all write for enjoyment, so enjoy yourselves.


Joe Morris

Creator and Founder of Creative Writer



Who gave this community her love.

Disclaimers and warnings
- All characters, universes and works remain the property of their original creators. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made from this site. This is for amusement only.
- This is child friendly community. Please conduct yourself appropriately.
- Entry content is solely the individual poster's responsibility as is supplying the required warnings of content. The community maintainers catalogue and order the information and will ask for the rules to be maintained, but should there be an item of concern, it is up to the complainant to contact the maintainers and point out the problem.
- The maintainers' decision is final.

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